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Room Rates

VIP Rates
VIP Room RM300.00
VIP Day Care RM200.00

CCU Rates
CCU - Isolation RM150.00
CCU Bed RM130.00
CCU Day Care RM65.00

Two Bedded RM130.00
Three Bedded RM100.00
Four Bedded RM90.00
Day Care RM70.00
Single Room (subject to availability) RM250.00
Isolation Room RM140.00
Nursery Incubator RM100.00
Nursery Bassinet RM30.00
Paediatric Ward RM80.00
Delivery Suite RM80.00
Maternity Room RM70.00

Day Care RM100.00
Single Room RM250.00
Isolation RM140.00
2 Bedded RM130.00
3 Bedded RM100.00
5 Bedded RM90.00


-Daily room rates is inclusive of meals (board). For 'Day case', only a (1) meal is served.
-Meals (board) served daily during hospitalization are breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
-All rooms are inclusive of air conditioning unless otherwise indicated.
-All rooms are inclusive of an attached bathroom.
-Please be advised that the room rates may be subject to change without prior notice.

*Charges quoted in Malaysian currency. Rates are subject to revision without notice.

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