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Admission & Discharge


Other than emergency cases, appointments for admission are made during your visit to the Consultant's Clinic.


You are encouraged to do pre-admission at least 48 hours prior to your admission, at the Admission Counter. During this process, you will be given the personal attention of the Admissions Staff on what to bring/not to bring, on your bed reservation, estimated total hospitalization cost, deposit requirements and any pertinent matter that will save time on your actual admission.

You are required to be admitted at least a day before your surgery in order that the Anesthetist may assess you. On the day of admission, please proceed to the Admissions Counter for your registration and payment of deposit. If you need any laboratory tests or investigative procedures to be done, this can sometimes be carried out before you go to the ward. After you have registered, our staff will escort you to your room.


All admissions require an initial deposit. (Please refer to Charge Rates Section).
If the initial deposit becomes depleted before discharge, a further top-up deposit may be required.

What to Bring?

Identity Card of Passport or Birth Certificate
A Guarantor is required for all personal admissions. He/she must be financially secured between 21-55 years old. Identity Card or Passport needed.
Employer's Letter of Guarantee for employees whose company has credit facility with Kluang Utama Specialist Hospital.

Personal Belongings

- Comfortable clothing such as Pyjamas, dressing gown, 'Sarong'
- Non-slip Slippers
- Toiletries
- Bath and facial towels
- Some reading materials

Valuables and Excessive Cash

If you have such items on your admission, DO NOT KEEP them in your room. Please hand them over to a relative to bring them home or to the ward staff for safe-keeping.

If You Are Having Surgery

You are required to sign a Consent Form before the operation. If blood transfusion is needed in the course of the operation, arrangements will have to be made with the Laboratory Department, to have it replaced by suitable donors. If you are a member of a managed care organization, you are also required to sign a Consent form authorizing the Hospital to release medical information to the relevant organization for settlement of your inpatient bill.

Visitor Policies

The Ward Routine

Your nurse will orientate you to your ward and the facilities available. Generally, your ward routine will begin with wake up and personal toilet, early morning medication, breakfast, ward rounds by doctors, treatment and investigations, resting time, lunch, visiting hours, resting time, afternoon tea, ward rounds by doctors, visiting hours, dinner and bedtime. However, this routine will vary according to the ward and special needs of the patient. For example when there is a need, treatment and investigations may be carried out anytime during the day.

Nurse Call Bell Service

Located by your bed and in the bathroom. Please use it when you need help.

Meal Service

Local cuisine is available and food preparation is supervised by our clinical dietitian.

Meal Times
- Breakfast 8:00 am
- Lunch 12:00 pm
- Afternoon Tea 2.45 pm
- Dinner 6:00 pm
Bon Appetit!

Visiting Hours
Your family and friends are welcome to visit you during your stay here.

Visiting Hours are from
12.00 noon - 2.00 pm
4.30 pm - 9.00 pm


For health reasons, visitors are advised not to bring children below 12 years of age up to the wards. Visitors are not encouraged to visit during the morning hours as consultants are making their rounds and nurses need to carry out nursing care procedures on the patients.

CCU patients at the Critical Care Unit are allowed only ONE visitor at a time with a maximum of two visitors per visiting period.

Resting Time

While we understand your social needs, we also understand your need for sufficient rest to ensure a speedy recovery. Visitors are advised to plan their visits during visiting hours only.

Resting Time is from:
8.00 am - 12.00 noon
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm
10.00 pm

Overnight Stay


Each patient is allowed only ONE companion to stay overnight. However, male companions are NOT allowed in a female room. In the Paediatric ward, one parent may stay overnight with the child at no extra charge.


No Smoking

Under Malaysian Laws, you are not permitted to smoke within the Hospital premises.

Other Amenities


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