Together We Continously Care for Society
The Patient's Charter

Our service is designed to meet your healthcare needs. As soon as you become our patients, you have the following rights;

You have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and consideration by others
  • Expect privacy and confidentially
  • Competent and safe healthcare which is appropriate for your condition or illness
  • Be given all information about the service, the treatment options which are available in a language / format you can understand
  • Be involved in decision making and consent to treatment in your healthcare
  • Express opinion and give suggestion or comments on the care / service provided
  • Consent to, or refuse treatment
  • Be given information about diagnostic test and have the results explained to you
  • Know the uses and the anticipated effects of the drugs you are being give
  • To redress grievances
  • Have the continuity of care including planning of your healthcare before discharge

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